April 25, 2010
I woke up thinking about my first easel this morning.  Mother and Daddy gave it to me for Christmas along with a huge butterfly coloring book.  Not your regular thin off white pages. No they were pristine white and the pictures were drawn with pale gray, so that when you finished coloring, it looked like artwork, not a coloring book page.  

It was sometime before Daddy converted the car port into a garage, because I remember having the easel out there in the car port, warm day, coloring away on those beautiful butterflies.  I was in heaven.  I was about 8 or 9 and had been coloring since I could sit alone, and this easel and coloring book were the best art supplies I had ever had.  Of course I always used Crayola brand crayons.

I wish I still had the coloring book now that I have PrismaColor colored pencils.  What a combination that would be.  But since I don't, I will continue drawing my own pictures to color.  I have to rate PrismaColor right up there next to Crayola.

Fight In The Commercials

January 1, 2010
Well ATT has APS so Sprint got MAPS so ATT got Luke Wilson so Sprint got Elvis Presley.  I don't know about anything else, but clearly Elvis whips Luke's ass.

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Fight In The Parking Lot

December 20, 2009
Thursday night I went to Staples to get printer paper and right in the entrance to the shopping center was a bunch of cop cars and some drunk women that had been in a fender bender and then got out and started fist fighting right there in the parking lot.  It was a pretty good show and the police took them both away in the cop cars and had their cars towed away to impound.  It was the topic of everyone's conversation in Staples.  There is always lots of entertainment during the holiday season...
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Fight In The Intersection

November 21, 2009
On my way to work Thursday, I was in the right turn lane of Basswood to get on I35 north bound.  Two lanes over from me was someone in a Corvette that sounded like it had no muffler.  It was headed straight across the overpass to turn left and go south on the freeway.  Coming up the access road from south to north was a mini van with two women in the front seat.  The van and the Corvette both entered the intersection at the same time and the Corvette nearly t-boned the van.  They both sat the...
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Hi! This is a self portrait I did in 1991.

My name is Maggie Mize and I live and work in the DFW metroplex. I've worked at the phone company for 12 years and before that I worked at Justiin Boot Company for 14 years...both as a Customer Service Rep. I love my job cause I get to listen to my audio books on my iPod all day. My job is easy and fun cause I get to tell people what mistakes they made and where to go to get the information to correct their errors.


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